I still need to write the follow up to my last toy camera post, and maybe say a few more things about motherhood and the cakervention.There are so many posts I’d like to write, but Arthur is a little on the high-maintenance side at the moment (as in he is still not keen on napping solo) and there is only so much I can type one handed. Thankfully, editing weddings one handed is perfectly doable, but long expository blog posts not so much. So I’m skipping ahead to these pictures of my friend Rowena because I love them. Rowena is a friend from my former life in Austin, and it was so good to see her and talk to her that when she left I had a wee ache in my chest. I can talk a lot of smack about America sometimes. Watching the political situation unfold over there is sometimes tragic, often terrifying, and always frustrating beyond beliefe, but the truth is that I miss America like crazy. More than I ever thought I could. I miss Americans too. Catching up with Rowena was like a wee taste of home. She’s been living and working in Germany for as long as I’ve been in Scotland, and we marveled over how much we had changed. The roll of film that I shot went a bit funny at the end, but I like the pictures all the same. They feel appropriate to the nostalgia that I felt taking them, and the way that time can erode and shift your memory of things. Know what I mean?