Kirsty & her husband Fin (un-pictured) totally win the prize for being The Best & The Most Wonderful for the following reasons: 

1) They let Catherine & I crash at their house two nights in a row this past weekend, even though we kept horrible hours and probably ruiend their social life because they had to wait around on a Friday night for us to arrive after a long day photographing a wedding.

2) Kirsty is stylish & introduced me to the wonders of sparkly gold nail varnish, Strictly Come Dancing, and high Edinburgh society.

3) They are the only Scottish people that I’ve ever seen walk around their flat barefoot. I felt like I was in America again. Oh the nostalgia.

4) Kirsty inspired me to start running. Which is hard. But because of her good influence I ran a whole mile (on a treadmill) without stopping for the first time in my whole life. Did you know that she is running this 5K  for cancer research and that you can sponsor her? Have you read her beautiful posts about her Mum, & what’s been going on? I say we help her shatter her £500 fundraising goal and break on through to the other side. Somehow I feel like this is a very American thing to say, but (shhhh… don’t tell) I suppose I am a Yank in the end after all.

5) Kirsty is hilarious and kind and extremely supportive. All of the ingredients for an excellent and invaluable friend. Once upon a time she promised to love people forever if they commented on her blog, and I figured that it was a pretty good deal so I decided to take her up on it and see how it went. She’s now promising to love you forever if you sponsor her run, and I can happily report that this is the best deal in town people, and that you should absolutly go for it!