“They are MARVELLOUS and beautiful and made me cry. I am particularly happy to have a photo of my three parents sat together looking happy… oh and some beautiful shots of my beautiful Nan… oh and the DANCING ones and the ones of the window and bunting and all the guests looking happy and AHHHHHHHHHH they are soooooo amazing.” –Lotte




“Dearest Lauren, What a fantastic collection of photographs!  There are some really super beautiful shots, thank you. I’m getting used to looking at all these images of myself! It’s quite fun! David is home Friday night and will see them properly then, he’s very excited….the words I used to describe them to him was that you have absolutely and beautifully, captured our love for each other. Thank you Lauren, your work is magical.”Morn




“Wow again. We are truly amazed! Mum says she’ll have to get so many ‘special silver frames’ because she can’t decide which one is the winner! There are so many (thank you for being so generous) good ones of our family, I (almost!) feel guilty, we were so lucky to have you there. Also, I have to mention the garden shots of just Stevie and I – the colour and texture is amazing. Ha! I just keep saying amazing….” –Claire




“This is extraordinary, exquisite..  Thank you so so much for all the work you put into this and the wedding.  We are just so over the moon that you were there and captured so much of the little bits of the day…  I keep looking through and re-remembering and it sparks so much sentiment, it’s so great!  Thank you for capturing our wedding day.  You are really very talented and also really great. Thanks again.” –Shiloh



“The photos are so lovely. We’re so pleased with them – thank you so much! You’ve made the wedding look so cool, and yet also exactly as it was!  And thanks so much for doing so many – we’re really going to treasure them. I love the ones of the relatives dancing – and I can’t believe you got the moment the Jenga tower fell (who knew Jenga had the power to unite people without a common language?!). They’re gorgeous and funny and everything we could have hoped for. I’m sure we and our families are going to enjoying them for decades to come. It’s particularly special to have beautiful pictures of our two families, as we don’t know when they’ll all be together again. Anyway, must stop gushing!” –Nora