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Katharine & Ton’s Honeymoon Shoot at Hollyrood Park | Edinburgh Wedding Photographer

I had so much fun at Katharine & Ton’s wedding that when I heard that they were coming to Edinburgh I told them that they HAD to let me take pictures of them whilst they were in town. We headed over to my favourite little loch in Hollyrood park and took some pictures there while […]

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Peonies & Leonards & Bears OH MY (Widdles & Pukes too)

Everyone reads Peonies & Polaroids right? I was thinking it over last night and I have been reading Peonies & Polaroids for three years and a bit now. It was the first blog I ever read that made me think: oh blogging, I get it. I descended pretty quickly into hardcore fan-girl-dom. “Who is this […]

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Some Updates ~ My Hasselblad Portrait Project ~ Edinburgh Wedding Photographer

I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning around these parts. I updated my front page slide show, my about section, my FAQs, my pricing, and portfolios. Now that Arthur is on the scene I’m cutting back on travel and hoping to shoot most of my weddings in and around Edinburgh. I can still be lured […]

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This little portrait shoot began with a hedgehog. It’s true. I fell in love with Emily Hogarth’s ‘Hedgehog’ print and I HAD to have it for my baby’s room. Call it nesting if you like, but I kept looking at it and looking at it and I just couldn’t put it out of my mind. […]

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Aaron, Bethany & Their Boys AND Introducing Family Sessions

Here are some pictures of Aaron & Bethany & their boys. Aaron is a Philosopher like Aidan, and like me they are from the States. They are a wonderful family, and both of their boys are little balls of adorable energy. 

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My 1st Lookbook With A Safe Mooring

Something totally unexpected has transpired. I seem to have developed an intrest in fashion photography. As a person who would be hard pressed to care less about fashion this development surprised me. I blame the wonderful fashion shoots that are always being posted on Miss Moss. I also think I’ve mentioned the girl crush I’ve developed on […]

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I Heart Sophie

Sophie of I Heart Flowers came & visited me this weekend & I got to play florist’s assistant. It was very interesting to see a wedding from another perspective. I never had any idea how hard florists work! There were two of us running around non-stop for over six hours & that’s not including all of […]

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