Flying kites on Stone Mountain with my uncle John and cousin Candace

Back in the 80’s I lived in Atlanta, Georgia and I was fascinated by the simplest things: cracks in the pavement, fragments of quartz firmly lodged into the crumbling cement of my driveway, summer rainstorms – the ones without thunder or lighting, the one’s that I could play in – my whole neighborhood transformed into a giant water park, a concrete rainforest. There was the heat too – we lived in a house without air conditioning, and in Atlanta the summers were sweltering. I used to love to play outside in the sprinkler or with a a rusty water hose. I would go treasure hunting for crystals in my driveway. I pulled up giant clumps of wild onions in my backyard. There was kudzu, and red clay, and honeysuckle. There was the ever-present high pitched hum of crickets, as well as the scratchy rattle of cicadas. (more…)

A while back I wrote a post about being dyslexic. I mostly wrote it so that the kind readers of my blog would have a little patience with my very poor spelling. Most of the time I’m able to get Aidan to spell check my posts pretty quickly – but sometimes things still slip through the cracks. However, I had a rather large (for me) response to that post and I noticed that I kept getting a lot of hits on it long after I posted it. Then one day I got an e-mail from Eli and her mum saying that they really liked my post, and that it was nice to read about some of the positive aspects of being dyslexic – because Eli is dyslexic too. They asked if I might come round and take some pictures of the family. So I did – and I also asked if Eli might like to participate in my Hasselblad portraits project.  (more…)

I have lots of pretty pictures to show you next week from this wee shoot that I did with Linsey. I think in this one I got all dramatic and was like “okay – it’s World War II, and you’re climbing to the top of this rubbish heap, hand on heart and looking out at the ruin that is your country….” What? I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately.

Happy Friday Everyone!

This is my friend Tally. She is the first friend that I made all by my self in Aberdeen, and she’s wonderful. Tally’s favourite things are reading and being by the sea. So I took pictures of her reading, pictures of her by the sea, and for good measure: pictures of her reading by the sea. Tally and I met over twitter, and we initially bonded over our mutual intrests in Octavia Butler, Zora Neale Hurston, and Angelia Davis (if you’re not familiar with them, all three of these ladies are so so awesome). Basically, this photo shoot was a giant geek-out session for both of us, though it was also an adventure. I’m happy to report that we are already plotting the next one.   (more…)

So I went here and photographed this gorgeous girl last weekend with my Hasselblad. I thought I would have my proper negatives back from the lab by yesterday at the latest, but they still haven’t come, so this is just a picture from my iPhone. I’ve looked into it, and the negatives are on their way to me, just not fast enough for my taste. Tally and I thought up ideas for this shoot, lots of them, then we had a good adventure running around Aberdeen photographing it all, and I’m so excited about the pictures that it’s hard to stay still and just wait for them. Today! I think I will have them today. Fingers crossed. Still I think that’s part of the fun of film: the wait. The delay in immediate gratification. I’m pretty sure that I got the pictures right, but I won’t know for sure, or what the they look like until I get my negatives back. Still I wanted to give you an idea of what you can look forward to next week. This picture shows just one of the many lovely locations around Aberdeen that we used. I for one am very excited to see the rest.

Happy Friday Everyone!


Meet Emo Rabbit. Actually, Emo Rabbit is looking kind of feisty in this picture. These images are from part two of my photo shoot with Kiara, and I have to say that I find it extra charming that she wanted to galavant around downtown Glasgow in a rabbit mask. People keep remarking on the creepiness factor of the rabbit mask, and I too immediately thought of Donnie Darko when I saw it. However, I also think that our rabbit is a little more emo than the Donnie Darko rabbit, and I couldn’t stop giggling while I was taking these pictures. (more…)