I have wedding previews & weddings to post. I’m also shooting two weddings this weekend. Two. Weddings. Tweddings. So- I thought I’d just throw some personal pics up here with a random list of thoughts and save the previews for next week after I’ve shot my tweddings and can do a proper job on them. In the meantime I present:  (more…)

Fridays are for napping right? Right? Hector & Jura think so. They are my dogs-in-law. They know what’s up.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Something totally unexpected has transpired. I seem to have developed an intrest in fashion photography. As a person who would be hard pressed to care less about fashion this development surprised me. I blame the wonderful fashion shoots that are always being posted on Miss Moss. I also think I’ve mentioned the girl crush I’ve developed on Nirrimi Firebrace. Her photography really is amazing. So I wanted to try out a fashion-y shoot of my own, & the most fashionable person that I know – obviously – is Kirsty of A Safe Mooring. Kirsty provided her beautiful self, her very fashionable greyhound Smidgen, and a selection of outfits & locations. I took the pictures. I aslo made nachos after, which doesn’t count for nothing. Here is the result of our collaborative effort.  (more…)

Sophie of I Heart Flowers came & visited me this weekend & I got to play florist’s assistant. It was very interesting to see a wedding from another perspective. I never had any idea how hard florists work! There were two of us running around non-stop for over six hours & that’s not including all of the work Sophie put in creating her stunning arrangements the day before. It was wonderful to ride around in deliciously fragrant floral van. It was sweet to see Sophie’s bride literally break down into tears when Sophie presented her with the bouquets, and it was incredible to watch Sophie create an enchanting woodland archway & center pieces out of branches, logs, moss, & flowers. I meant to take pictures but I kept pretty busy to-ing & fro-ing, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on Sophie’s blog for these stunning pieces. I cannot tell you how jealous I am of photographers who get to work with Sophie – so clients – if you’re still looking for your florist might I encourage you to peruse Sophie’s site? She truly is a floral genius & all around lovely person to boot!  (more…)

I promise to go back to talking about Kate’s wedding next week, but I thought I might interrupt the regularly scheduled programing to tell you guys that I won 2nd place in the Wedding Photojournalists Association Q4 “Architecture & Settings” category. Placing in one of these competitions has been a dream of mine ever since I joined the WPJA two years ago, so I’m rather pleased. Apologies if you were subjected to one of my exuberant social networking announcements yesterday – I might have gotten a little carried away.


I am photographing a wedding today. Photographing weddings never fails to make me think of my grandparents’ wedding – and the 3 pictures that I’ve seen from it: this one, one of them & their parents, and one where they are kissing behing my grandma’s bouquet. I love these old pictures of them the most, the ones where they are young, and gorgeous, and glowing, and where they have so much time left. It’s like I can rewind their lives, and watch the best parts over and over again.

Happy Friday everyone!