Calton Hill Elopement

Thanks to KirstyEast Side Bride for setting me up with Katie & Mick. Words can’t begin to describe how much I enjoyed photographing their magical elopement. It truly was a wonderful day and they are the loveliest of couples. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Did you see this first one was featured as picture of the day over on The Wedding Community? Fancy! Congratulations to Katie & Mick!

Flowers – Narcissus | Amazing Air B&B Rental for getting ready | Best meal I’ve had in Scotland: La Garrigue

Lace elopement dresss

Lace elopement dresss

Lothian Chambers Wedding

Lothian Chambers Elopement

Edinburgh Elopment Photographer

St Giles Cathedral

Princes Street Gardens | Edinburgh Elopement| Lauren Mcglynn

Princes Street Gardens | Edinburgh Elopement| Lauren Mcglynn

Calton Hill Wedding | Edinburgh Elopement| Lauren Mcglynn

Calton Hill at Twilight | Edinburgh Elopement| Lauren Mcglynn

Calton Hill at Twilight| Edinburgh Elopement| Lauren Mcglynn

Calton Hill Elopement| Lauren Mcglynn

Calton Hill at Twilight| Edinburgh Elopement| Lauren Mcglynn








I spent way too long obsessing about this preview because even though it is only a preview I wanted it to convey exactly how gorgeous Leah & Greg’s wedding was. I was so happy to be there photographing it. Leah and Greg’s wedding was truly the best of both worlds because it was a relaxed home grown affair with their friends and family coming together to contribute all of the details, only they happen to be really good friends with people like Lotte & Bloom, Ruby Flowers, and Alison Macleod. Leah is also blessed with very talented relatives as her sister designed and made her dress, her other sister made a cake, her mother crafted lovely willow wreaths, and being a jeweler herself Leah made the wedding rings. It was a beautiful day, sunny & golden with lots of children frolicking everywhere you looked, and everyone smiling. I adored photographing this wedding and can’t wait to get to work on editing it. Congratulations to Leah & Greg! 

Chiara & Rob were married at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh this past weekend and I was obviously over the moon that they chose me to be their wedding photographer. These two are so kind and so stylish, and I knew for sure after their engagement shoot that their wedding was going to be awesome, and of course I was right. There are so many beautiful shots that I’m excited about – this post just scratches the surface. I am so very excited about the rest. Congratulations to Chiara & Rob! (more…)

Isle of Skye Elopement | Lauren McGlynn Photography

This was actually my first elopement, and I loved it so much! My favourite florist friend Sophie was so excited about this that she was willing to drive all the way to Skye with my entire family in tow just to deliver a bouquet & boutonniere. It was quite the adventure, and well worth it as Haley and Noah’s wedding could not have been more lovely and romantic. There was one else there but Sonja the celebrant (one of the best celebrants I’ve ever worked with!), and Sophie and I to serve as witnesses, and half way through the ceremony I think we were all in tears. Scotland is a magically beautiful place to elope to and Skye is certainly no exception. Congratulations to Haley and Noah! Thank you so much for choosing Sophie and I to be a part of your beautiful wedding. This wedding was featured on The Glasgow Wedding Collective blog just last week if you fancy ogling it there too. It really was very beautiful.

Flowers: I Heart Flowers – Sophie Wilson || Celebrant: Sonja Eckl-Riel || Hair: Karen Stevenson || Makeup: Mary McLeod (more…)

Log cabin at Ravensheugh wedding

Morag and Ranald’s wedding is one of the most stunning that I have ever photographed. Everything was gorgeous. I think Log Cabin Ravensheugh might be my favourite wedding venue ever. The view is stunning and always changing with the weather and the time of day. Morag looked AMAZING in her dress and The other vendors were fantastic, I loved the wild look that Blue Poppy Florist gave to everything with their stunning home grown wild flowers. Lazy Sunday Catering are some of the kindest and very best caterers that I have ever worked with. Their food was SO GOOD (OMG so good) and there were generous portions too. I loved them. It was also my first time working with Highland Tipis which was super fun. All in all it was a wonderful and beautiful wedding and I feel so lucky to have been there to photograph it. Congratulations to Morag & Ranald! (more…)

Though this shoot appeared on Love My Dress back in June I thought I would start the new year off by blogging my own edit. This was the first styled shoot that I ever shot and I’m rather proud of it. I was thrilled to collaborate with some of the best independent wedding vendors in Scotland on this, and I learned just how much work goes into one of these shoots. A. Lot. Of. Work. It’s interesting that in the age of blogging I never feel like I’ve finished something until I’ve blogged it. I like to arrange the pictures just so in the hopes that they will convey the exact aesthetic that I was going for. For me this shoot was something of a love letter to Edinburgh. All of the contributing vendors are from around Edinburgh, there was our gorgeous ginger model (who I’ve photographed before) to represent Scotland’s ginger streak, and for good measure we made sure to include Edinburgh’s most fabulous castle. I wanted the shoot to have nerdy, quirky, magical vibe to it and I think we succeeded in achieving that thanks to the most talented lawyer/stylist in town. I will be following up tomorrow with a behind the scenes post about all of the amazing people who worked so hard to make this shoot so special, but for now here are their names and links to their sites. 2014 booking season is upon us so if you’re looking for the most talented, creative, and unique wedding vendors that Edinburgh has to offer, look no further. (more…)