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Katie & Peter on A Practical Wedding ~ Edinburgh Wedding Photographer

This gorgeous couple is over on A Practical Wedding today. Wordless Weddings are perhaps my favourite way to have one of my weddings featured, but it’s a strange experience to see the images that they choose. They never pick my favourites, and yet the wedding still looks lovely. It’s like seeing it all again through different eyes. […]

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Edinburgh Instagrams ~ Edinburgh Wedding Photographer

So confession time: I only actually figured out that Instagram is a whole social network unto itself like a month ago. Before that I just thought it was for taking pictures on the go, with quick filters, that you could easily share places like twitter and facebook. While you can do those things, it turns […]

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Happenings ~ Edinburgh Wedding Photographer

Soooo after the smashing success that was the Glasgow Weddign Collective ‘Save The Date’ Fair, I’ve been invited to participate in The Vintage Wedding Show , this Sunday March 17th, in Edinburgh. Kirsty has kindly consented to design my booth yet again (don’t ask me why she’s so nice to me, ’cause I don’t know)  and this […]

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