Sophie of I Heart Flowers came & visited me this weekend & I got to play florist’s assistant. It was very interesting to see a wedding from another perspective. I never had any idea how hard florists work! There were two of us running around non-stop for over six hours & that’s not including all of the work Sophie put in creating her stunning arrangements the day before. It was wonderful to ride around in deliciously fragrant floral van. It was sweet to see Sophie’s bride literally break down into tears when Sophie presented her with the bouquets, and it was incredible to watch Sophie create an enchanting woodland archway & center pieces out of branches, logs, moss, & flowers. I meant to take pictures but I kept pretty busy to-ing & fro-ing, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on Sophie’s blog for these stunning pieces. I cannot tell you how jealous I am of photographers who get to work with Sophie – so clients – if you’re still looking for your florist might I encourage you to peruse Sophie’s site? She truly is a floral genius & all around lovely person to boot!