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Hooray For Sunshine

It is still sunny. Who told me that Aberdeen would be grey all of the time? You were wrong. I’ve gotten back into reading books. Usually when my computer is full of unprocessed weddings I just listen to audiobooks while I edit pictures. It turns out that there is something charming about actually reading them […]

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I Heart Sophie

Sophie of I Heart Flowers came & visited me this weekend & I got to play florist’s assistant. It was very interesting to see a wedding from another perspective. I never had any idea how hard florists work! There were two of us running around non-stop for over six hours & that’s not including all of […]

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Erin & Burger’s Glasgow Wedding: A Preview of The Film Pictures

I thought I’d share a few of the film pictures from Erin & Burger’s Glasgow wedding. Stay tuned till next week for the full reveal… 

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Who Me? I’m Just An Award Winning Photographer

I promise to go back to talking about Kate’s wedding next week, but I thought I might interrupt the regularly scheduled programing to tell you guys that I won 2nd place in the Wedding Photojournalists Association Q4 “Architecture & Settings” category. Placing in one of these competitions has been a dream of mine ever since I joined the WPJA two […]

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Edinburgh Hen Party & My Love For Instagram

You know – there was once a time in my life when I turned my nose up at Instagram and thought I was to cool for it. I must have been jealous because I didn’t have an iPhone or something. As soon as I tried it out I discovered the true virtue of Instagram: it’s […]

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Thursday Tips, or Photography According To Lauren: Backlighting & Sunstars

It’s been so nice and sunny lately that I thought I might talk a little bit more about light. One way to spice up your pictures and add a bit of drama is to use backlighting. Backlighting is when the your light source is behind your subject rather than in front of it. Backlighting can […]

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Erin & Burger’s Wonderfully Geeky Glasgow Wedding: A Preview

Erin & Burger’s wedding was the perfect way to start my 2012 wedding season in earnest. I am slowly coming to accept that I’m something of a scifi fantasy geek. I got pretty excited when I saw Erin & Burger’s Star Wars pillows, I gave a little shriek upon beholding Erin’s Lord Of The Rings wedding band, and […]

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