I think the first real personal post* I wrote was on Aberdeen. Then Cara blogged some of the pictures and I became addicted to my 10 minutes of fame, so here we are today. I wrote a lot yesterday, and I’ve said a lot lately about Aidan (who as you can see is adapting well to his modeling duites), so really all there is left to talk about is Aberdeen. January has been surprisingly sunny. Sunny and cold, but sunny none the less. January sunlight is the most flattering kind of light. It casts a golden hue onto everything, and if you look closely enough the granite does indeed begin to sparkle.

I have got used to my life here. I like it even. Last week I met the most wonderful girl out at a sandwich shop. I found her on twitter via APW of course, and we gabbed on for a few hours straight. I think we are going collaborate on photography projects together, and I could not be more excited. She is up from London and one of the things that we agreed on is that living in cities like London and Austin brings you out of  yourself. It demands that you BE SOCIALl! There is so much going on! You don’t want to miss it! And it is easy to lose yourself in the tides of activity and acquaintance.We both agreed that moving to Aberdeen has brought us back to ourselves in a way.

So here are some recent pictures that I took on my Holga of sunny Aberdeen. See what I mean about golden hues?

*Tuesday is the day that I usually try to post something wedding related, but I’m just waiting for a few more negatives back from Lorna & Dave’s wedding, so I switched it up. Hopefully I’lll be able to show off their wedding in it’s full glory tomorrow. Fingers crossed.