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Making The Most Of Your Wedding Photography: Getting Gorgeous Getting Ready Photos

I love getting ready photos. In my opinion they’re some of the most beautiful pictures from a wedding day. Here are a few tips for how to get extra super lovely getting ready photos.

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Adventures In Wedding Planning: Doilies People

It’s true that the APW book helped a lot with getting Kate and I on the same page as far as wedding planning goes, but there was another secret ingredient around which we were united in our approval. I want to tell you that it was something really meaningful like love, or friends, or feelings, […]

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Emo Rabbit, Meet Emo Husband

Happy Friday Everyone. 

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Thursday Tips, or Photography According To Lauren: #6 Silhouettes

Last week I talked about how to meter for an even exposure in most lighting situations. This week I thought I’d talk about how to create silhouettes. Silhouettes can be great for playing around with shapes, and for showing off details in the sky. If you’ve got a really great sunset, or a deep blue […]

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Danae In Edinburgh

This is my friend Danae. Isn’t she lovely? I went down to Edinburgh last week to take some pictures of her with the Hasselblad. We had some good chat, and tea, and things. Like me, Danae is an American ex-pat. It’s crazy, but most of the Americans that I meet over here I find so […]

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Advice For Your Engagement Shoot

Tuesday is usually the day that I post something wedding related, but I have a few months off until my next wedding in March. So, to make sure that no one forgets that I’m a wedding photographer, and to show off some of my favorite photos from days of yore, I have decided to make […]

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Adventures In Wedding Planning: How I Caught The Wedding-Crazy

I mentioned before that I didn’t really plan my own wedding. Aidan & I were living in Austin. He was chipping away at his Ph.D. and I had a part-time job as a cook at a B&B while I tried to get my wedding photography business started. We were broke. It was really important to […]

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