Kirsty & Smidgen Too

Hey it’s Kirsty! If you already know Kirsty then you know that she is wickedly funny and a very good writer. I first became aware of her through her MOST gorgeous of weddings, then I started reading her blog, then I stalked her down in Edinburgh and made her hang out with me. She was my first internet friend turned real friend, and my frist friend in Scotland that I made all by my self (i.e. who wasn’t a philosopher). Now her best friend, the very talented Kristen is one of my second shooters. I am a lucky duck. Have a good weekend everybody & Happy Birthday to Kirsty’s mum! I’m wishing you ever so many more!  xx



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    Woah these are gorgeous Lauren! The black and white one is so sultry, you need to get that one in a frame Kirsty (you beautiful model you).

    Is that a second piece of clothing I spy on Smidgen? You’ve changed, Kirsty. You’ve changed x

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    Listen, you *have* to put a coat on a greyhound or they freeze. FREEZE, I tell you! They have like minus ten per cent body fat, or something. Ahem.

    Thank you so much Lauren, you have somehow made me look not like an awkward weirdo, something which only L&L and Lucy have previously ever achieved (apparently getting my picture taken by someone whose name begins with L is the key). It was an honour to pose for you and the Hassie.

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    Loveliness. And number 4 down makes me very happy. 🙂

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    Check you guys out!! Looking awesome, both of you. And you must, must tell me where you got your blue gloves and red scarf. I want. (And your dog obvs, but scarf and gloves are way easier to look after)

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    Ooh that dog in his jacket!!!! So so cute! And Kirsty of course too! Yummy pictures Lauren! xx

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    Ohhh just gorgeous. I especially love the first one, that wall and that light… perfection.

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    Oh Kirsty, you are so pretty. And so good at accessorizing.

    And now, now. That dog. My heart aches.

    I need a greyhound. Where’s mine?

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    I think I’m in love with Smidgen’s coat and the photographs of course!

    In other greyhound related news Hobbs has several themed items in the sale

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    Oh. My. Goodness. These are beautiful!!! Wow Lauren. Wow Kirsty!! I especially love 1, 3 & 4.. and any with Smidgen, of course. These are just gorgeous. Umm, and Kirsty… can you dress me? I’ve been trying to do the little belt over clothes thing forever now and it never works. Love your outfits in these!!!!!

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    Super fabulous. Gorgeous.