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Lorna & Dave’s Edinburgh Engagement

I met up with Lorna & Dave in Edinburgh a little over a week ago, and proceeded to get properly excited about their wedding in January. Their’s will be my first wedding of 2012, and I can’t think of a better way to start the year as I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t get any more adorable […]

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Awhile back I asked if anyone would be interested in collaborating with me on some creative portraits. The first person to take me up on it was Kirsty, and the second person was one of my clients Sarah on behalf of her grandparents. Last Sunday I met up with Sarah and her parents and we went up north to the tiny […]

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Thursday Tips, or Photography According To Lauren: #2 ISO

ISO 100 I thought for this week’s photography tips we might start delving into some of the technical stuff. There are three ways that you can control your exposures and the tonal range in your pictures. One is through shutter speed, another is through aperture, and finally there is ISO, which is what I’m going to […]

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Tyson & Eva’s Austin Texas Wedding

I am so happy to finally be sharing Tyson & Eva’s wedding. It was wonderful to be there, and such a privilege to be their photographer. Editing this wedding was tough, because it was so hard to choose between the seemingly endless amount of pictures of Tyson and Eva both looking gorgeous, and totally in love, and having the time of […]

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Eva & Tyson: The Rehearsal

Tomorrow I’m going to post Tyson & Eva’s wedding in full. I finished it over the weekend, and ever since I started whittling the pictures down from the over 6000 that I shot to the little over 600 that I wound up delivering I’ve been trying to put my finger on what it is about […]

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Kirsty & Smidgen Too

Hey it’s Kirsty! If you already know Kirsty then you know that she is wickedly funny and a very good writer. I first became aware of her through her MOST gorgeous of weddings, then I started reading her blog, then I stalked her down in Edinburgh and made her hang out with me. She was my first […]

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Thursday Tips, or Photography According To Lauren: #1 Light

So you asked for it. Well Sarah asked for it, but I’m going to pretend that a lot of people are interested in this. What am I talking about you ask? I’m starting a regular Thursday column on photography tips. If you’re already a professional photographer, it’s possible that you might not get much out […]

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