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This Time Tomorrow

Hey I took a week off! I was not expecting to do that really, but I was on an airplane headed back to the States, and I found that I really couldn’t bring myself to work on wedding photos, and then I was here and I had my mom to hang out with and family […]

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Corrinne & Martin’s Humbie Wedding

There are too many good things to say about Corrinne & Martin’s wedding. This was actually the first wedding in Scotland that I photographed where it rained. I know. But it was good to discover that the rain isn’t so bad really. It adds a certain romance, not that Corrinne & Martin needed it. They should win an award […]

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Zach & Amelia Continued (With Jack Too)

By the time I hung out with Zach & Amelia on my last day in Austin I had run out of colour film. I confess to still being slightly broken hearted over this because the colours were ridiculous. October is Texas’s most flattering month. The light that has spent the whole summer abusing you, suddenly turns docile and […]

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October Light, Questions About The Future, & Aidan Of Course

Hi. So here are some random pictures that I took on one roll of film with my Nikon in October. I worry sometimes that with all of my excessive love for my new Hasselblad, my less glamorous Nikon will be neglected, but I still love my 35mm Nikon too because I don’t have to worry […]

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Tim & Shannon’s Mini Engagement Shoot

So while I was in Austin, I had the good fortune to meet up with Tim & Shannon whoes wedding I’ll be photographing next July. Though they are currently living in Houston, Tim is actually from Aberdeen I believe and he & Shannon will be getting married at a cute venue just outside of Edinburgh. […]

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Just A Few More: A Preview of The Hasselblads

I’m kind of in the middle of a love affair with my new camera. I took it to Tyson & Eva’s wedding of course. I shot a few rolls of black and white and a few rolls of color. I finally got all of the negatives back and I love them so much. I think that […]

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I just got the rest of my Austin negatives back yesterday and I’m excited to share so many of them. There are pictures from Eva & Tyson’s rehearsal festivities, and of course their wedding.There are pictures of Halloween costumes, and some especially nice pictures of my last day in TX. My friends Zach and Amelia and I went out to Zilker […]

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