A little while ago I spent a week at my in laws’ house in Glasgow and remembered what it was like to have a social life. I hung out with Caroline, and Sophie and got very tipsy. I learned that drinking with Germans is dangerous and taking tequila shots with florists is even more dangerous. I learned that these two ladies are supremely awesome and they make me wish that I lived in Glasgow so that I could hang out with them more. 

I got drinks with Kiara, a fellow ginger and APW lady (did you see her wordless wedding on APW? So beautiful). I learned that archivists do indeed have romantic jobs, and that she and I have read a lot of the same books. Also that if the internet makes you think that you will really like someone it is most probably correct.

I also got drinks with Linsey, another fellow ginger and APW lady. I learned that most places close way earlier in Scotland on a Sunday than they do in the States, that it rains more in Glasgow than in any other place in the world, that Linsey is way more ginger than I was expecting, and that she is very kind.

So, to summarize the lessons that I learned from my visit in Glasgow: 1) The stereotypes are true: Scotland is filled with gingery people (did I mention that Sophie is also one of of us too?) 2) People from the internet are high class. They are kind of like real people in that they are in fact real, only they are better than real people because they have been pre-screened. You’re not going to hang out with someone from the internet unless you strongly suspect that they are awesome, and so far I’ve actually liked everyone that I’ve met from the internet even MORE than I was expecting. 3) I miss having a social life. I should really work on that. It’s just that staying in my house and working all of the time is so addictive. I’m not even kidding. What have I become?