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Welcome To My New Website!

Hey check it out! It’s my new website. I’m so thrilled about it. This baby is a true labor of love on my part, and especially on the part of the wonderful Super Runaway. Liz, an absolute design genius, patiently sifted through all of my crazy ramblings and changes of heart to create this beautiful space. I had […]

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Caroline & Mark: A Preview

Caroline and Mark had the sweetest wee wedding in Northern Ireland. Caroline found me on A Practical Wedding and she asked me to shoot lots of film pictures. As you can guess she was in danger of becoming my favorite person. I shall tell you all about how lovely this wedding was when I do their proper […]

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This weekend I went to Edinburgh. I photographed a lovely wedding in the middle of a not so lovely English Defense League protest. A lovely lady came along for the ride, and we had fun working together in spite of it all. The bride and groom were brilliant. They were totally laid back throughout the day, and […]

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Audra & Iain: A Preview

Among other things, Audra & Iain’s wedding came with a castle, a beach, some sunshine, and a lovely bride & groom. Catherine was there with me and she liked it too. We felt like very spoiled photographers. Can’t wait to show you the rest. Congratulations to Audra & Ian!

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The Watermans Do Scotland!

Back in July some relatives from my dad’s side of my family came to Scotland and I went on a sort of jumbled holiday with them. I say jumbled because I was still in the middle of crazy busy season and had weddings to shoot. One day I was on the Isle of Skye, the […]

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Lotte & David

The word ‘epic’ had been bandied about a lot when describing Lotte & David’s wedding, and I for one think that it is appropriate. There were not one but two ceremonies, there was a puppet show, there was a bridal party dance routine, there was a bouncy castle, there was a fete, and there was the […]

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Yay New York!

On this Friday I’m extra special proud to sponsor A Practical Wedding. When marriage became legal for everyone in New York back in June, I was here in Scotland and I sat down on the side of a hill and cried, just like how I cried when Obama was elected. When I was growing up in America I was […]

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