Morn & David

I am pleased as punch to share Morn & David’d wedding with everyone. They were married up in picturesque Inverness amongst a flurry of well wishers and balloons. I didn’t actually meet them in person till the day, and so when I first caught site of Morn she was so stunning that it literally took my breath away. I may have even clapped my hands over her dress, and her beautiful wee flower girl daughters. As is the case with any good wedding, there was an almost chaotic feeling of joy and celebration (though in this case the balloons might have had added to it). There were lots of touching as well as hilarious moments (be sure to keep an eye out for Morn & Davids reactions to the best man’s speech- classic). Lastly there was Morn and David who are so shyly yet radiantly sweet together. Congratulations to Morn & David! 

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    I especially <3 the ones by the water in the evening, very Whister. What an incredibly chic bride!

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    These are so lovely! I really love how airy and full of light these are — there is room to take a deep happy breath.

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    What a beautiful wedding, the pictures on the bridge are lovely.

    The bride is gorgeous – is it weird she makes me think of Fleur from harry potter? In a good way obv.

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    Kiara I'm with you on the Fleur comment! Oh Lauren, what a beautiful wedding. I love the spirit and joy in these pictures – they're the cats pyjamas x

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    That dress is BEAUTIFUL! And she had the same wedding perfume as me 🙂 Gorgeous work, lady x

  6. Anonymous
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    Lauren – you are amazing! You just met this couple and yet these are intimate, stunning photos. Beautiful couple. SC xx

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    fantastic pictures lauren. I love the shot of everyone sitting in the pews in the church. you caught a bit of a perfect asymmetry there

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    The bride, the dress, the pictures. Swoon.