Claire & Stevie

I loved every moment of Claire and Stevie’s wedding. There is nothing I enjoy more than a wedding with a little (or a lot) of personality, and this wedding had it in spades. Last week we all freaked out over Claire’s awesome dress, but every detail of this wedding was extra special wonderful. Of course there were beautiful moments too: sisters holding hands, words spoken in trembling voices, hilarious speeches, corresponding blushes, and finally Claire and Stevie making eyes at each other and generally being adorable together. It was truly an amazing day. Congratulations to Claire and Stevie! 

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    Oh my god, Lauren you're amazing. What a beautiful wedding (I'm working on letting it go, I really am) and you photographed it with your usual flair and sensitivity. And there's something extra, a little bit of magic that I can't put my finger on. Whatever it is, you're good.

    That photo of the bottom of the dress and the shoes and the shadows in black and white? Shivers. And the portrait of Claire against the green door? Delicious. And the bride on the steps that are SO Edinburgh? So. Damn. Good.

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    Wow, these are stellar! Some serious style on both your parts.. Love the one in front of the antique shop. But the favourite has to be the one with the girls cheering!

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    Lauren, Lauren, Lauren…. You just keep getting better & better, huh? Just when I think I've got you figured out – you post more & more amazingness!! I especially love the light/background/everything in that first shot. Gorgeous!!! And, well…okay – I love it all. This wedding. *sigh*

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    Wow. This wedding makes my heart explode. This is so beautiful. Your work consistently blows me away. I think you should come to NYC and shoot a wedding with me.

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    Balls of astoundingness. Esp the ones at the bottom of the steps.

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    This wedding… is…. amazing.

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    So beautiful, I can only second everything the others have said! This wedding is something special. Congratulations, lady.

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    Hands down – divine.

    I want more.