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Identity and Trying New Things

Lately I’ve been trying a lot of new things and I’m not sure what I think about them. For me creativity swings both ways. First I get caught up in the thrill of trying something new (for me) and different, and then comes the anxious obsessive examination of said new thing where I step back and wonder: […]

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Lotte & David

Hooray for Lotte & David! I loved them and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in one month’s time. Lotte found me through Offbeat Bride, which is always a sign of good things to come. I took a quick trip down to Bristol for their engagement shoot, and I had so much fun that […]

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Kat & Derek

Kat and Derek actually eloped to NYC. They were married in Central Park with only a few of their nearest and dearest present. Very romantic, right? They are friends of mine from the Texas days. Like Aidan (my husband), after getting his PhD at UT, Derek was called to Scotland for philosophical endeavors. When he left Texas, he […]

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Full Speed Ahead

A lot of things are about to happen starting in exactly two days. First I’m gonna pop down to London for possibly the biggest wedding I have ever photographed. It will also be the first Jewish wedding I have ever photographed. I am excited. Then I’m popping (because in the UK people pop places) back […]

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Shiloh & Christian

I loved Shiloh and Christian’s wedding with my whole heart. I wish I could put my finger on exactly what made it so special, so that I could tell you the perfect¬†recipe¬†for a beautiful, magical, wonderful wedding, but I can’t. However, I’ll go ahead tell you a few things about it anyways. First off Shiloh […]

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Shiloh & Christian: A Preview

Shiloh and Christian’s wedding was extra specially wonderful. Here are a few scenes, with the rest to follow next week.

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A Color Slide Sunset

Here are some pictures that I took all the way back in December while I was waiting for my UK settlement visa. Like many bureaucratic endeavors my visa wound  up taking a lot longer than I had anticipated, and so I spent a rather stressful month couch surfing my way across North Carolina. I started with a week […]

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