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Oh Aberdeen: A Personal Post

When I first started telling people that Aidan & I would be moving to Aberdeen the most encouraging response I got was from our Swedish philosopher friend who enthusiastically informed me that I would love living in Aberdeen because being there felt like being inside a black and white picture…  yeah….  Another man told me that if […]

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Holga + Wedding = Love (Wherein I Get a Little Geeky)

First things first: While I usually lead a post with a picture of the happy couple somehow the shots that I grabbed with my holga from Carrie & Jonathan’s wedding wound up being a lot about Carrie. She is so beautiful, and these first two pictures especially make me smile every time I see them. There is […]

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Sarah & Gary

I’m so excited to be working with Sarah and Gary, because really: aren’t they just too adorable? Sarah was the first Scottish bride to find me on Offbeat Bride and it was so nice to finally get to meet her and Gary. If you can believe it this is also the first shoot that I have […]

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Sooz & Paul

Sooz and Paul’s wedding was too much fun. I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I got an e-mail from Sooz saying “I hope you’re comfortable being the only person at the wedding in 20th century dress” umm… yes please! Turns out that the theme of their wedding was Sense and Sensibility and […]

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