2010 In Weddings, Plus Some News About 2011

This post contains one photo from each of the 32 weddings that I photographed last year. They aren’t the ‘best’ pictures from those weddings (the best one’s are in my portfolio, and I tried not to repeat myself here), but I like these images just as much. They’re just a bit quieter.

I’ve been running a generous wedding package through A Practical Wedding, and the offer ends for good as of next Monday February 21. I will be changing my pricing structure next Monday as well, and after next week my wedding packages will start at ÂŁ1500, so I’d recommend booking me now while my prices are still comparably low. 
I bought myself a 50mm 1.4 for as a Valentines/Anniversary present (yes!), which means that there will now be no church too dark, no cloud too thick… this lens was made for the UK. Also, I’ve added film coverage as an option for wedding packages (I’m very excited about this), and quite a few couples have decided to take me up on this offer. So expect to see lots of  wedding pictures on film from me in the coming year. 
So far 2011 has me photographing weddings in Leeds, Nottingham, Cumbria, Bristol, Newbury, Swansea, the Welsh boarders, Edinburgh, and even one in Aberdeenshire. I couldn’t be more excited about meeting all of these lovely couples, and getting to travel to so many places in the UK for the first time. 2010 was a truly wonderful year, but I’m starting to think that 2011 just might top it.
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