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Jillian & Paul

Jillian and Paul had a lovely wedding at One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow. Jillian looked gorgeous in her gauzy violet wedding dress that she designed and sewed herself, and her attendants were full of laughter and good spirits as she prepared for her wedding. The ceremony was short and sweet, and the look on Paul’s […]

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Theresa & Melinda

Theresa and Melinda make me really happy. They are so fun and cute and wonderful. Working with them was kind of like being at recess all day long. Their wedding was awesome, Zach and I loved every moment of that day, and I can’t wait to post the pictures. But until then, here are some […]

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Jill & Chris’s Big Day At The Little….

Oh I am a lucky wedding photographer. Jill and Chris are another one of those UK couples who I have been oh so fortunate to work with, and their wedding was soooooo awesome (so awesome). Let us start by admiring how lovely Jill looked in her royal blue wedding dress which was truly spectacular. Their […]

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Kim & Kieran, A London Wedding

I think I mentioned before that all of the lovely couples that I’ve worked with in the UK have been extra super wonderful. Kim and Kieran were no exception, and by extra wonderful I mean that I know things are going to go well when I meet a bride for the first time on her […]

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Jessica & Hannibal

Awww, this wedding was the sweetest. Jessica and Hannibal had a lovely wedding out in the Hill Country. Truly these two could not have been cuter together, and everyone present clearly had a great time. There was tenderness at the ceremony, lovely light for portraits, adorable brides maids, tons of fun on the dance floor, […]

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Bonnie’s Downtown Austin Bridal Shoot

This bridal shoot was so much fun. You may remember Bonnie from her awesome engagement shoot where she and her fiance Josh had a blast jumping through sprinklers. In a similar spirit Bonnie was happy to walk around downtown Austin in her lovely dress in search of the best views. We chose the top of […]

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Kirsten & Derek: A Belfast Engagement

Hooray for Kirsten and Derek! They are so much fun, and so funny, and smart, and awesome! I hopped a ferry over to Belfast, to meet with them and do an engagement shoot. We took a wonder round to the club where they first met, then through to the botanical gardens and finally wound up […]

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