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Allison & Jason

Allison & Jason’s wedding is swiftly approaching, and Zach and I are really excited. Their engagement shoot was laid back and fun. We went out to the greenbelt (twice, once we had to give up because of the rain) and had a great time climbing over waterfalls, shooting water animals, and encountering wild life. Allison […]

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Frankie & Ronnie & My First Scottish Wedding

So ah, is it weird for your heart to do a flip when you see pictures of your in-laws kissing? If so then I am weird because the above photo gets me every time, and it is of my sister-in-law Frankie and her brand new husband Ronnie. I’m not trying to sound all ‘oh I’m […]

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Chris & Priscilla’s Wonderful Engagement

So I think I might almost be more excited about Chris and Priscilla’s wedding that I was about my own wedding. Almost. Chris and Priscilla are just so freaking cute together, they are wonderful to work with, and they seem so right on with what they want there wedding to be about. Also, it was […]

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Boudoir Manifesto

This wee shoot was a true collaboration between myself and the lovely lady that you see before you. I’ve never really done a Boudoir shoot before, and I wanted to do something that represented my aesthetic, that played around with the concept of what it is to be sexy in both body and mind, and […]

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Laura & Kenneth

Zach and I had so much fun photographing Laura & Kenneth’s wedding! They were married at the Smith Family Chapel, which had a lovely archway and more than few great features that made for some visual treats. I love how Laura looks at Kenneth throughout the ceremony, how they ducked into a room to practice […]

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Jessica & Shawn’s Moulin Rouge Themed Wedding

I was super excited about Jessica and Shawn’s wedding as soon as Jessica mentioned that she found me through Offbeat Bride. I got even more excited when she mentioned something about a red dress, an absinthe bar, and groom/groomsmen outfits that replicate Mr. Monopoly. However none of this quite prepared me for the absolute blast […]

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