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Blinded By The Light, or Bonnie and Josh’s Most Amazing Engagement Shoot

Readers please note: my most awesome and beloved proof reader has gone to Scotland ahead of me and I have a really big spelling handicap. Please proceed with compassion. As a photographer, sometimes I stumble upon a kind of light that is irresistible, it’s like finding a really awesome playmate when I was like 8 […]

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Rowena and Scott, Sie Ist Sehr Schön, Er Ist Sehr Männlich

Guess who took four semesters of German during their undergrad and only remembers how to say ‘she is very beautiful’ and ‘he is very manly’…. me. I can also say ‘whip the whipped cream’, and a few other dirty things but we won’t go there. Oh, and, guess who is moving to Germany where they […]

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Erinn and Jimmy’s Pedernales Falls Engagement Shoot

I had a great time with Erinn and Jimmy out at Perdernales Falls. It’s a bit of a hike to get there, and I totally appreciate Erinn and Jimmy being up for it because it’s one of my favorite spots in Texas. Folks here in Texas will appreciate what I mean when I say that […]

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Jeany & Mose

Okay, so I’m going to try really hard not to make this like the sappiest blog post about a wedding that a photographer has ever written ever…. Okay, here goes: so Jeany and Mose got married and the whole thing was magic from beginning to end because Jeany and Mose are totally magic. First off […]

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Abby and Steven’s Creative Capital Engagment Shoot

So Steven used to be a tour guide at the Texas State Capital. Abby and Steven had their first date at the Texas State Capital. Steven freaking proposed to Abby at the Texas State Capital, and so what was there for us to do but have their engagement shoot at the Texas State Capital? Now […]

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Sheila and Angus

Mercury Hall seems to be the place for LMP clients to get married in 2010. Sheila and Angus had a lovely wedding there earlier in the year. Their wedding was classic, elegant, and simple. Sheila carried a bouquet of red roses, she wore red shoes, had red rose cake toppers, and brides maids dressed in […]

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